Shoe Box Appeal 2017

What an amazing achievement! The Y5 and Y6 children will have made 79 Serbian children very happy this Christmas with all the generous donations and effort in making the Christmas Shoe Boxes. Each class was set a challenge of making between 10 – 15 Christmas shoe boxes and all four classes smashed it!

It is incredible what can be achieved – the children had a great afternoon wrapping the boxes, designing Christmas cards and then packing them full of toys, colouring pencils, notepads, soft teddies, shampoo, soap, toothbrushes and a few sweets.  Thank you to everyone who took part – you’ve been incredible!

On Saturday morning, the car was loaded up – only enough space for the driver and a little helper – and off the shoe boxes went to Tongham (down the A3) to be dropped off.  They were one of the first to be delivered which gave us the opportunity to see ‘what happened next’; 1)  All shoe boxes were taken into the Church hall and stacked at one end. 2)  An army of volunteers check each box and take an inventory of what is in them. 3)  Each box is labelled as to whether they are for a young boy/girl, an older boy/girl, a baby or an elderly person. 4)  Each shoe box is then placed into the cardboard boxes, sealed, ready to be dispatched.

All of the shoe boxes from Surrey are destined for Serbia.  The Blytheswood Coordinator for Surrey will be coming into school after Christmas to thank the children for all their efforts and to share with them the journey of the shoe boxes and who the children are who received them.

Thank you so much for your generosity and thoughtfulness.

Kind regards, Mrs Barlow, Mrs Krishnan, Miss Stevenson and Miss McCallum.